Hayek hospital is a Private institution established by Dr. Selim Hayek, whose aim was to serve Beirut’s periphery and provide patients with Quality healthcare. It is located in the region of Sin-El-Fil, which is known for its calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Built in 1972, Hayek Hospital received its first patient in January 1974.
During the war in Lebanon, the hospital went through considerable damages, which led to its closure for more than 3 years.

Through the years, the hospital dedicated itself to apply international norms for its establishment. A long ongoing quality improvement plan was implemented which allowed its activities to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and the Ministry of Public Health Accreditation.

The alliance with the “Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal du Sud-Aveyron, France” added perfection to the already existing structures of the hospital. Further more “the European Clinic of Rouen, France” regularly performs audits on the operating rooms to ensure that all the procedures are up to date.

Goals to achieve / Objectives

 Ensuring the satisfaction of patients and professionals
 Monitoring the implementation of actions to minimize the delay, waste and defects, keeping in mind our impact on the environment.
 Seeking for competent human resources in every field.
Developing the concept of “Day Care/Hospital” and “Minimum Stay hospital”.
 Registered Physiotherapy Acupuncturist


We are committed to the highest standards of patient care, of teaching and training the community partnership and most of all we care about giving you excellence, kindness and respect.


The hospital continues to assert itself in the field of health, to accelerate the development of its services to meet the needs of patients and to be a reference for health professionals.

Hayek Hospital sin el fil

Pathology and Laboratories
The Department of Pathology and Laboratories offers a full range of diagnostic services in anatomic pathology and in clinical pathology (laboratory medicine) to both hospitalized patients and outpatients.
The Medical oncology center is a brand new facility equipped with the latest medical and technological equipment to accommodate patients in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
The Department of Radiology offers a full spectrum of radiologic procedures, using state of the art digital imaging equipment. In addition to general radiology, the department provides vascular interventional services.
Trained healthcare professionals perform Hemodialysis in our center. The Hospital works to improve dialysis treatments and the environment in which they are provided.

Meet the Team

Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Physical Therapist

I started practicing in 1999 after graduating from the University of Vermont. During those college class years...

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Helen Wilmore

Helen Wilmore

Massage Therapist

I chose a physical therapy career because I knew I wanted to help people without sticking them with needles...

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Kristina Castle

Kristina Castle

Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist I have the opportunity on a daily basis to improve the lives of my patients by identifying...

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Anthony Wills

Anthony Wills


I also had a running injury when I was in high school and had to go to PT. I thought “This is what I want...

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We believe it’s well about time to tackle the root cause of diseases and pandemics, not just treat symptoms.

Latest News

Hayek hospital, a family-owned private centre in Beirut, has gone 100% vegan in a world’s first. The hospital will no longer serve its patients meat and dairy, and will instead replace its menu with a number of healthy plant-based dishes in alignment with existing scientific data evidencing the wide range of health benefits associated with a plant-forward diet.

Hayek hospital has become the world’s first hospital to serve only plant-based food, the private practice announced in the beginning of March this year. Located in the capital of Lebanon, the hospital has revamped its entire menu after a “transition phase” that saw more plant-powered meals being introduced to patients.

The new 100% meat, dairy and egg-free menu now includes dishes such as vegan croissants, plant-based fajitas and burgers, as well as a number of veganised traditional Lebanese dishes like shish barak, labneh sandwiches and shawarma platters. During the transition phase, patients were given both vegan and non-vegan options, with clear explainers and facts detailing the benefits of a plant-based diet to educate and encourage more people to choose the animal-free dish.

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